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  • The CW308 UFO Board includes the main board, the XMEGA and AVR targets, 3 prototype boards, a lifter, 7.37 MHz crystal, and jumper wires.
  • The CW308 main board can fit a variety of target boards, and simplifies connection of new targets by providing power, clock, and programming headers.
  • LDO regulators provide regulated supplies for 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, and 3.3V. Power comes from either a connected ChipWhisperer Capture board or a 2.1mm DC power jack.
  • Lifter allows you to easy remove targets without risk of damage.
  • STM32F3 Target has STM32F303RCT7.
  • XMEGA Target has ATXMEGA128D4-AU.
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  • You can use the CW308 with a standard oscilloscope: connect DC power in, connect a SMA-BNC to your scope, and use a USB-Serial to communicate with the target board.
  • The CW308 works seamlessly with the ChipWhisperer-Lite and ChipWhisperer-Pro. Connect the 20-pin cable and the SMA cable for power analysis or glitching. You can also use additional probes such as the differential probe with the CW308.

CW308 UFO Board


Product Description

Get probing! The ChipWhisperer CW308 UFO board is the ultimate starting point for side-channel power analysis attacks. The CW308 puts all the standard requirements onto one board (such as power supplies, oscillators, filters) allowing you to make super-simple target victim boards. A large variety of available target examples provides all levels of architectures for you to test against, including 8-bit microcontrollers, 32-bit microcontrollers, and FPGAs.

CW308 Features:

  • 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and V-ADJ (1.25V - 3.5V range) power supplies.
  • Oscillator driver with crystal socket to allow use of most 2 or 3-pin crystals to drive target device or ChipWhisperer.
  • On-board LC low-pass filter to provide "clean" power supply for resistive shunt measurement.
  • Diode protection on I/O lines to allow voltage glitch insertion on target with less risk to connected devices.
  • Soft-start on input power to avoid disconnecting ChipWhisperer-Lite USB when switching power on/off

Kit Includes:

  • NAE-CW308 Main Board.
  • NAE-CW308T-XMEGA Target Board.
  • NAE-CW308T-STM32F3 Target Board (Boards now come with ARM target instead of AVR)
  • NPCB-CW308T-STM32F Blank PCB (in addition to assembled board, provided if you wish to use a different STM32F device).
  • NPCB-CW308T-PROTOTYPE (x3) prototyping boards.
  • Lifter Tool to help with removal of target PCBs.
  • 7.37 MHz crystal.
  • 8x jumper wires.
  • 30-cm SMA cable.

If you already have a ChipWhisperer Capture (CW1173-CAPTURE, CW1173-2PART, or CW1200), you do not need any additional cables. You can power the CW308 using the 20-pin cable with the ChipWhisperer-Capture, and the SMA cables provide a signal path.

If using the board stand-alone, you will require the following parts:

  • 5.0V DC Power supply.
  • SMA to BNC Cable (for connecting to oscilloscope).

See Level 1 and Level 2 Kits for complete package options.

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