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  • The ChipWhisperer-Pro CW1200 Capture hardware.
  • Our most advanced starter pack - includes our ChipWhisperer-Pro (CW1200) along with UFO Board, probes, and more!
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  • Sturdy waterproof carrying case with custom-cut foam interior.
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ChipWhisperer-Pro (Complete Level 3 Starter Kit)


Product Description

ChipWhisperer-Pro (CW1200) is a high-end, lab-grade bench tool designed to allow developers to conduct Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and explore glitch vulnerabilities in their hardware projects before implementation. The ChipWhisperer-Pro is part of the ChipWhisperer ecosystem, NewAE Technology Inc.’s open-source toolchain for embedded hardware security research. The ChipWhisperer-Pro has a more powerful processor than the ChipWhisperer-Lite, allowing features like real-time pattern matching in the analog waveform, streaming data back to the computer for working with asymmetric algorithms, and more. It keeps the same API as the ChipWhisperer-Lite and the same analog front-end, making it seamless to switch between ChipWhisperer-Lite and ChipWhisperer-Pro.

​​The ChipWhisperer-Pro is available in a complete starter kit that includes AVR and STM32F3 (Arm Cortex-M4) targets, along with a variety accessories, including simple differential and magnetic-field probes, voltage translators, and analog filters.


  • 98K-sample buffer (compared to 24K-sample with CW-Lite).

  • Stream samples back at 10 MS/s, allowing capture of long traces (full RSA, ECC, etc.).

  • Trigger on analog pattern (SAD match).

  • Advanced I/O trigger (trigger on UART, SPI).

  • Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) with adjustable gain of up to +60 dB for analog power measurements.

  • 10-bit ADC up to 105 MS/s, with ultra flexible clocking mechanism to allow synchronous power capture.

  • Real-time pattern matching to trigger glitch or DPA on specific operations, using only the power measurement as a trigger input.

  • Generate clock glitches with sub-nS resolution on timing.

  • Crowbar-based voltage glitch generator.

  • Open source FPGA design allowing customization of capture platform.

Kit Includes:

  • Advanced Breakout Board (voltage translation).

  • Probe set with Power Supply (Differential probe + LNA + H-Field probe).

  • CW308 UFO Board Kit (STM32F3 & XMEGA Targets, jumper wires, etc.) (NEW: Boards now come with ARM target instead of AVR)

  • 3 Additional Blank Target Boards with Header Pins.

  • SMA-BNC Cable

  • SMA-SMA Cables

  • High-Pass and Low-Pass filters that screw onto the front-end of CW1200.

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Product Videos

ChipWhisperer Pro CW1200: Sneak Peek/First Look (13:18)
What's the ChipWhisperer-Pro (CW1200) look like? This has some details of the new product, designed for more in-depth and laboratory use.
  • ChipWhisperer ...
    What's the ChipWhisperer-Pro (CW1200) look like? This has some...

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