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  • ChipSHOUTER - the EMFI tool! Pictured with included EMFI targets (Ballistic Gel + Simple Target).
  • Example of included products. See user manual for more details and specifics of parts (includes x4 EMFI probe tips where only 1 is pictured, and x2 scope probes when only one is pictured).
  • ChipSHOUTER kit includes everything you need to get started.
  • Example of inserted pulse with 4mm injection tip, as measuring using oscilloscope adapter. Note the short pulse and fast repeats possible.
  • ChipSHOUTER hanging out by itself.
  • If you pre-pay for your ChipSHOUTER, you will get this limited edition remote trigger!



Product Description

It's finally here - the ChipSHOUTER® electromagnetic fault injection platform. Not only do we bring you this fault injection platform, but we're bringing you a complete kit including EMFI validation targets to help you better understand the injected field effects.

For more details see the Detailed User Manual! You can also see the GIT Repo for some examples of the API.

Included Parts

  1. The ChipSHOUTER CW520 main unit is the EMFI fault injection platform itself.
  2. The 19V power supply provides DC power to the Chip-SHOUTER.
  3. The injection probe tips must be added onto the end of the ChipSHOUTER before using the device. Do not touch the probes during operation. (x4 included: x2 1mm, and x2 4mm).
  4. The Isolated USB adapter provides a computer inter-face to the ChipSHOUTER.
  5. The SMA Saver is a sacrificial SMA male to female adapter. It is added onto the ChipSHOUTER to save wear and tear on the ChipSHOUTER SMA connector. The SMA Saver can easily be replaced in case it is damaged.
  6. The SMA right angle adapter is used in combination with a horizontal mount XY table.
  7. The oscilloscope probe adapter allows monitoring of the pulse inserted at the tip of the ChipSHOUTER itself (x2 included)
  8. The SMB to SMA adapter allows interfacing the exter-nal trigger input with the ChipWhisperer trigger outputs, or other equipment with logic-level SMA outputs.
  9. The SMB to BNC adapter allows interfacing the exter-nal trigger input with regular lab equipment.
  10. The SMB cable is used to connect the external trig-ger.
  11. The Ballistic Gel SRAM target provides detailed in-formation about the effectiveness of a fault injection pattern.
  12. The Simple EMFI target allows quick validation that a fault injection probe is working.
  13. The cooling air adapter allows you to insert dry air into the ChipSHOUTER for cooling. The adapter may look different or be of different material than shown here.

We are continuously improving our products. Some of the accessories or the device may look different than the photos used for this manual, but this is part of our continuous refinement of the product.

Pre-Order For Confirmed Pricing (NOW CLOSED)

Pre-order will guarantee this ($2800 USD) unit cost even if our final release price is higher.

The device is no longer on pre-order. Inventory is very limited as we are still ramping up the full production for this complex device (as it includes custom cables, several PCAs, and custom fault injection tips). You will receive initial estimated shipping information, followed by a more accurate estimate closer to your shipment date.

You can choose to pre-pay the full amount up-front, in which case you will get our limited edition "remote trigger" as a thank-you for waiting. Alternatively, you can put a deposit to hold your spot in the production run, and we'll contact you for the remaining payment. With both of these options you can cancel anytime for a full refund if your order has not shipped - if the pre-order takes longer than 60 days your deposit/payment will be automatically refunded (you will be contacted before this to confirm).

This is not a crowd-funding campaign (so there is no risk of being unable to get refunds), but your preorders will help us improve and manage the production process, and we thank you for the interest!

Final Release Date

The ChipSHOUTER final release date is early 2019. Your pre-order should ship ahead of this (see shipping estimate notes above).

The release date will be when other ordering options are turned on, including the optional XY positioning tables, and available support contracts + support services. The manual XY positioning table will be available early 2019, with the electronic table being available mid 2019.

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