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About Us

NewAE Technology Inc is dedicated to providing tools for performing embedded hardware security research, and making those tools widely available by not only reducing the cost, but by keeping the designs open. NewAE Technology Inc hopes to fundamentally change the ecosystem of embedded development, by making all engineers aware of both the theoretical and practical issues of side channel power analysis and fault glitching.

The ChipWhisperer was created as part of Colin O’Flynn’s research towards his PhD in embedded hardware security. He created an open-source project which provides a standardized capture tool for testing new analysis algorithms along with countermeasures. Whilst there was considerable interest in these tools, the majority of researchers weren’t interested in spending many hours building their own, and prefered to purchase a low-cost solution. The ChipWhisperer is now the main tool sold by NewAE Technology Inc based on this demand.

The ChipWhisperer is an open source project, and due to this can be built by anyone. To protect our customers, however, NewAE Technology Inc. owns the ChipWhisperer trademark and prohibits other companies from selling devices under the ChipWhisperer name. Not only does this guarantee that an official ChipWhisperer device has been thoroughly tested, but you are also supporting future development of the open-source software that runs the ChipWhisperer.

Authorized Distributors

You can purchase a ChipWhisperer via the following distributors. Note that Mouser Electronics is our preferred distributor as they can charge in local currency, include customs/duties, and offer better shipping rates:



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